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Will my procedure hurt?

It is unrealistic to promise that you will not feel anything whatsoever, but we do go above and beyond to make sure that your visit with us is as comfortable as possible. This is another reason to keep your regular visits so that we can catch anything going wrong upfront before it worsens. Our office has done everything within our power to ensure our patients are comfortable, we have learned techniques when we have to give anesthetic to numb patients. We use a very effective topical anesthetic before administering local anesthetic. We are not stingy with our local anesthetic, Dr. Jackson believes in not feeling a thing while being treated. He will ask you over and over during your procedure "are you ok?" If you are very anxious about being treated, please let Dr. Jackson and his staff know. We do have some moderate sedation options if you need them. The key to managing discomfort is clear communication, if you let us know if you are uncomfortable in the least little bit, we can fix it. Our patients are very comfortable and report not even being able to feel anything on a daily basis.


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