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Do you do tooth-colored (composite resin) fillings? Why are they better/worse than silver-colored fillings?

We are an amalgam-free practice, meaning that we only place tooth-colored composite resin fillings. The technology of tooth-colored filling material has came so far in the past few years, that we are basically able to pickup all of the desirable qualities of amalgam (silver) fillings and add to them with the composite resin tooth-colored fillings. Amalgam fillings have a tendency to fracture after many years of wear and are not very esthetic. Amalgam is an alloy of lots of different metals including silver, tin, zinc, copper, and mercury. Although there has been no research (as of yet) to support that the mercury content in amalgam fillings is detrimental to one's health, we choose to avoid it altogether. Dr. Jackson always says he is more concerned with the tendency of amalgam to fracture over time than the concern with mercury toxicity. So there is no reason to go and remove amalgam fillings unless there has been a breakdown of the material or there is decay under the amalgam filling.


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